From the Bus Terminal
It takes about 45 minutes to get from the bus terminal to the city centre. A taxi will charge you about 15.000 pesos, an air-conditioned bus will cost 1.700 pesos.

From the Airport
The airport is closer to the centre. If you take a taxi right in front of the building, it will cost you 8 - 10.000 pesos. Walking one block down to the main street will get you there for 5.000. A bus will be 1.200 pesos.

Taxi Fares
Taxis in Cartagena do not have meters. It is reccommended to negociate the price before you get in. The minimum fare is 5.000. This will take you from the centre to the club nautico, Mercado Bazurto, Bocagrande, Laguito and Crespo, where the airport is located. It is recommended to carry small bills as many drivers do not want to change big bills.

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Cartagena, Colombia