Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca is the nicest beach close to Cartagena. You will find white sand, clear water and good fish for lunch and dinner. Overnight you can stay in hammocks, tents ore cabaņas. There are several ways of getting there:

This way is extremely recommended in the dry season. You take a bus to PASACABALLOS from either the centre or the Mercado Bazurto (1.400 pesos). Get off the bus at the church, walk for about five minutes and take the lancha across the canal del Dique (1.000 pesos). On the other side mototaxis are waiting to take you to the beach (10.000 pesos). It is just a dust road at the moment but much better than before.

By boat
This way is less adventures. You simply take a small boat (lancha) from the Mercado Bazurto. The last one leaves at about 9am from the mercado, avenida del lago. You should be there by 8am because it is the boat for the locals who do their shopping on the market and have reserved their seats. Somebody will come round to charge you - 25.000 pesos. Do not give money to anybody before you actually reach the beach; pay the captain. And keep in mind that locals only pay 15.000 pesos. Do bargain!!!!! 20.000 is a reasonable price, still not cheap. There are several boats going back to Cartagena in the afternoon. You will pay about 15.000 pesos.

There are plenty of places to stay in Playa Blanca. If you want to sleep in a hammock right on the beach or in a tent "El Paraiso" run by Mama Ruth is a good choice. She also serves a good meals El Paraiso is located on the more tranquil part of the beach.

The Gato Negro Cafe
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